Quinta do Filoco

Extends her-self along the hillsides of the Douro and Távora rivers, until the terraces of Tabuaço village. The Quinta do Filoco vineyards produce the best nectars of the Douro region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Property of the Macedo family, all starts by the hand of Jeremias de Macedo in the middle of the 20th century. Experienced, determined and passionate man for the land where he was born and raised – The Douro Region – has been buying throughout his life many hectares of vineyard and built a winery, the White House Winery. His dream was to produce wines from the Douro and Porto.

The vineyards and the Cellar were being modernized with new equipment, combining tradition and modernity in the well know how to make wine. The vineyards stretched along 130 hectares, surrounded by thickets with typically Mediterranean vegetation that contribute to the unique terroir of the Filoco wines.

Filoco Wines

The knowledge and passion, together with the terroir of each vineyard, result in a mixture of intense and authentic aromas that make Filoco wines a reference of the region with high international recognition.

Our history

Launching of a new Red wine, Filoco Casarões 2017

Partnership with the Green Wine Region at the launch of Filoco Vinho Verde

Launching of the White Wine Filoco Selection, harvest 2013

Launching of the 1st Filoco Rosé Wine, harvest 2012

Launch of the 1st Qta of the Filoco Grande Reserva Touriga Nacional, harvest 2009

1st Gold medal in the Mundus Vini contest, with Qta do Filoco Grande Reserva harvest 2007

Launching of the 1st Grande Reserva Red and Reserva Branco, both harvest 2007

– Start of partnerships with several clients with their own brands

Starting on the commercialization of  DOC wines bottled by the hand of Marta Macedo, Enóloga, the third generation of the Macedo Family. The first Filoco Branco 2006, Filoco Tinto 2005 and Filoco Reserva Tinto 2005 are launched.

Continuing with the work of Jeremiah Macedo Father, the sons acquired new vineyards, with a view to the elaboration of doc wines, and replanting them with separated grape varieties. They also improved the wine cellar, with new vinification and ageing equipment, suitable for elaboration of good doc wines.

Establishment of Sociedade Vitícola Foz do Távora, Lda., By the second generation of the Macedo family, Joaquim Macedo, Armando Macedo, António Manuel Macedo and Jeremias de Macedo Júnior.

Acquisition of land and vineyards by Jeremias de Macedo. Construction of the White House Winery and beginning of marketing of port wines in bulk.

We grew together with

Our Team

Marta Macedo
Aurélio dos Santos
Sílvia Santos
Rui Silva